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CultureID Insights

CultureID Insights

Identify the culture you have with unlimited, easy-to-launch surveys.

Collect anonymous data
on what matters most

Amplify employee voices
across your organization

Earn culture awards
as you progress

Organizations that run at least one employee engagement survey per year have 23% lower turnover rates than those that don't. 

Our dual approach combines the CultureID Insights platform and the CultureID Institute's educational resources for maximum impact.

CultureID Insights 
Platform Features

CultureID is redefining the way you connect with your employees and nurture your company culture. We lead the industry with unmatched flexibility, insights, customization, and global reach.

  • Core Engagement Survey

    Use our science-based, pre-set questions to effectively measure employee engagement.


    Customizable Surveys

    Tailor surveys to meet your unique needs, with unlimited customization for specific feedback collection.


    Pulse Surveys

    Dive deeper into key areas with follow-up surveys on critical feedback points.

    Survey Library

    Access a range of pre-set survey templates to explore various facets of your organization.

    Consistent Year-Over-Year Data

    Easily duplicate past surveys to ensure consistency in measuring key metrics over time.

  • Flexible Setup Options

    Meet the needs of your modern workforce. Seamless setup even for companies with unique structures and hiring needs, such as those with multiple locations, matrix organizations, and part-time, seasonal, or contingent staff.


    Easy Roster Management

    Quickly upload employee rosters with a single click or add individuals manually. Add or update employee information at any time.


    Targeted Feedback Collection

    Direct specific questions to chosen groups within your organization for detailed insights.


    Multilingual Support

    Increase inclusivity with surveys, results, and platform communication translated in any language.


    Automated Communications

    Save time and energy by letting the platform automatically send messages to staff about upcoming surveys—and boost participation rates as a result.


    Dedicated Support

    Benefit from a Relationship Manager dedicated to supporting your organizational goals.

  • Anonymity & Trust

    Conducting anonymous surveys through a third-party vendor ensures honest and open feedback.

    Quick Completion

    Surveys are designed to be completed within 5-7 minutes, respecting your team’s time and avoiding survey fatigue.

    Cross-Platform Compatibility

    Access surveys easily via mobile, tablet, or desktop.


    Kiosk Mode

    Provide survey access for non-office employees with kiosk mode, ideal for industries such as construction, manufacturing, distribution, and food & beverage.

  • Immediate Access

    Survey results are available as soon as the survey closes, allowing for prompt action.


    Data Permission Controls

    Admin and Manager portals ensure data is seen by the right eyes at the right time.


    Detailed Breakdowns
    View data by department, team, manager, location, and job title for granular insights.


    Customizable Reports
    Flexibly show or hide specific survey results to tailor information sharing.


    Sentiment Analysis
    Quickly understand the emotional drivers behind employee comments for deeper insights.


    In addition to the CultureID Institute, leaders have access to educational and practical resources in the platform alongside survey results to ensure you can easily turn feedback data into action.

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I love how CultureID is different from other survey platforms. I like how it's not just a deep dive for employees but also for leaders who need the depth of insight and resources you offer.

CultureID is an impressive engagement tool. You've thought of everything. We've tried other survey tools, but yours has the best insights.

CultureID is user friendly - I was able to find a ton of information on my own and didn’t need assistance to execute our survey. The results were an eye-opener and sparked my curiosity on how to build a better work culture. My colleagues and I were very impressed!

Our Confidentiality Promise: 
Ensuring Genuine Feedback Without Compromise

Confidentiality is paramount, and it is our top priority to ensure employees feel confident in the survey process. Our survey is meticulously crafted to enable your employees to respond candidly, without concerns of individual identification.

Créez les conditions propices à l'épanouissement des employés.

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