What can the Fraxel Laser be used for?

Many people are interested with Fraxel Laser. It is one of the best skin care treatments on the market today. This laser treatment can be used to change the overall texture of any skin types easily. This method is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe skin care treatment. It can be used to restore the skin condition effectively. Many patients are able to achieve fresh, smooth, and young looking skin after they have this treatment. There are some health benefits that are offered by this treatment, so many people want to use this treatment. Leading authorities support the treatment and are verified in their claims.

1. Remove some scars

This is the main benefit that is offered by this Fraxel laser treatment. This method can be used to remove some scars, for example acne scars, stretch marks, sun spots, and any other scars. It can also be used to remove other scars caused by surgery, accident, and many other events. This laser treatment works by removing any dead cells on the scars completely. It is very effective to remove any of these scars completely. When people want to have smooth and soft skin easily, they can consider using this treatment for removing these scars quickly.

2. Prevent aging process

Some people want to use this Fraxel laser treatment to get this benefit. It is very effective to prevent aging process with this treatment. When it is used properly, it can be used to solve any aging related issues, for example age spots, discolored skin, large pores, fine lines, and many other problems. This laser treatment can remove some old skin cells immediately. As the result, it can be used to trigger the growth of some new skin cells effectively. This situation can prevent the aging process in most people these days.

3. Remove dead skin cells

This is another advantage that people can get from the Fraxel laser treatment. This skin care method can be used to remove some dead skin cells effectively. Because of this reason, this treatment can be used to help people who have dry skin problems. These people usually have problems in removing any dead cells from their skin. This treatment can eliminate any complicated procedures for removing these dead skin cells quickly. It can lead to the smooth, soft, and mild skin effectively. When people want to improve their skin health, they should consider using this treatment today.

4. Improve skin tone or texture

Many people want to improve their skin tone or texture. This action is very useful to increase the overall beauty significantly. Some people are interested with the Fraxer laser treatment because of this simple reason. This method can be used to improve the overall skin tone or texture. Some people claim that they are able to get beautiful skin tone, especially after using this treatment. When this method is done properly, it can make some changes or adjustments on the skin tone. It is one of the best skin care methods that can be used to improve the overall skin appearance.

5. Improve the overall beauty

This is another main benefit that is offered by this treatment. Many people want to use this laser treatment because they want to improve their beauty. Skin is an important part for all people these days. It can determine the overall beauty of most people. Most beautiful women usually have beautiful skin. Therefore, this body part should be maintained properly. People should take a good care of this body part. This Fraxel laser treatment can be used to fix any skin problems immediately. Therefore, this skin care method can be used to improve the overall beauty of all patients significantly and safely. Consulting a laser dermatologist in Brisbane will answer several questions. The location of The Fraxel Clinic Brisbane can be found easily.

They are some important things that people should know about Fraxel laser treatment. When this method is done correctly, it can bring a lot of health benefits for all patients. This method should be done by a reliable and experienced surgeon. It is a good idea to compare some available surgeons before selecting the best one easily. Choosing the right surgeon is very useful to maximize all benefits of this laser treatment. This method is very safe for most patients these days. Because of this reason, many people want to start using this treatment for improving their skin health.

Flattening scars using Fraxel Laser Technology

Nearly everyone has scars on their body. Most result from past accidents and mishaps or various skin conditions. Some may be on the exposed parts of the body, causing one to lose self-confidence and have low self-esteem. Good news is that, you no longer have to bear all that thanks to the Fraxel laser technology of flattening scars. It is a cosmetic surgery that results in more even, clearer and flawless skin, making social embarrassment a thing of the past.

With the technology, nearly all types of scars can be dramatically reduced. With the best-trained surgeons at the Fraxel laser clinic, you are guaranteed of the best safe and quick procedure. There is a wide range of lasers, which allow for very accurate and specialized treatment.

Scars mostly form from large wounds, especially those that get infected. It happens when there is inadequate or too much collagen in the skin during the wound healing process. It is fibrous that usually replace the normal skin damaged by the wound.

The process of removing scars using the laser technology involves use of fine laser that delivers light energy in very high concentrations, vaporizing the top layers of the scared skin. This causes the fresher underlying skin to be revealed, minimizing the look of scars. Some other lasers will target the tissues that are beneath the skin to stimulate collagen growth. The patients usually receive anesthesia, either local or generalized, depending on the severity of the procedure. The whole procedure for most cases usually last for less than two hours. This however, depends on the size of the scar to be worked on. Many ask what is the dual fraxel laser? The answer is however not as scary as people would assume.

Using Fraxel Laser Technology to flatten scars is recommended for people with hypertrophic, atrophic, or keloid types of scaring. Atrophic results from scarring due to acne and/or other conditions of the skin that usually cause a sunken-in point in the skin. These types of scars are eliminated using CO2 lasers. Injections of collagen may also be necessary at times, to fill up the space under the scar. Hypertrophic scarring on the other hand refers to pink scars formed where there was a wound. The scars are usually thick and raised above the skin level. They may worsen or improve on their own over time. For keloid, the scarring stretches to beyond the area that was initially wounded. Its color usually turns to reddish-purple and the scar is raised as well. The types of lasers used to correct both keloid and hypertrophic scars include 585-nm pulsed dye or Er: YAG lasers.

Fraxel laser scar removal is however not recommended for people having issues of the skin like dermatitis, psoriasis, and cystic acne. It may also not be as effective for people having dark skin.

During recovery after a Fraxel laser scar removal, one may experience very little discomfort or pain, with most patients being able to go home almost immediately afterwards. Over-the-counter medications for pain are typically sufficient to manage any pain. Other cares during recovery would be regular bandages, using antibiotic ointments, cool compresses, and in some cases, prescribed antibiotics. Leading authority on the treatment can be sourced here.

Some of the advantages associated with the use of Fraxel laser scar removal are;

  • Amazing aesthetic results
  • Unlike the traditional methods, it is very effective and does not lead to any severe health risk. Results are nearly a guarantee with every procedure.
  • The duration that is involved with this treatment makes it the most ideal. The process itself takes a very short time and the recovery duration is also short and does not interfere with one’s daily routine activities
  • The laser technology is a non-invasive treatment and provides a permanent solution to the various types of scaring. It makes use of the body’s natural process of healing to replace the damaged skin.
  • The Fraxel laser scar removal technology works on a wide variety of skin types.
  • It has the ability of treating scars that are in hard-to-reach areas.
  • One does not need to remember to take any to take or apply medication as in the traditional forms of treatment.
  • Minimal pain or discomfort. This guide to caring for your skin after a fraxel treatment can also be consulted.

With the flexible programs to suit your lifestyle and availability for treatment, there is no reason to continue having those ugly scars that tamper with your self-esteem. The team of innovative professionals at the Fraxel laser clinic will help restore your beautiful skin.

Laser Skin Treatment

If too much exposure to direct sunlight, acne or aging has left your skin with scars, lines, wrinkles or blotches, laser skin treatment may be of immense help in helping your skin look healthier and younger. Laser skin treatment gets rid of skin layer by layer with precision. After the removal of the old layer, new skin cells will form giving your skin a younger and tighter looking surface. The procedure can be done on its own or with a combination of other cosmetic surgeries. The WAGRE Fraxel Clinic has more information.

How to prepare for Laser Treatment

Begin by consulting a dermatologist or plastic surgeon to find out if you are eligible for the process. Talk to your doctor if you experience any fever blisters or cold sores around your mouth since laser skin treatments might cause breakouts to people who have oversensitive skins. If you intend to go on with the treatment, you should not take any supplements or medications such as vitamin E, ibuprofen or aspirin that might cause clotting for over 10 days before the laser treatment. Additionally, if you smoke you should stop at least two weeks prior to and after the laser treatment. Smoking might cause your skin to take long before healing. Your health care provider might prescribe antiviral medication if you are prone to fever blisters or cold sores and antibiotic medication prior to the treatment to prevent any bacterial infections.

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What you should expect during and after the process

Most Laser treatment procedures are done by either a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. Since it is an outpatient procedure, you will not have to stay overnight. The doctor may work on the wrinkles around your mouth, forehead, eyes or sometimes even treat your entire face. For a smaller section, the practitioner will numb the sections using a local anesthetic or they may sedate you. In cases where the whole face requires treatment, you may need general anesthesia. Treating only a few parts of the skin may take about 30 to 45 minutes. A full treatment may take up to 2 hours. After the laser treatment, the surgeon or the dermatologist will bandage the treated sections. Within every 24 hours, you will have to clean the areas four to five times in order to prevent formation of scabs.

Experiencing Swelling after the procedure is normal. Your doctor in some cases may prescribe steroids to help in countering swelling around your eyes. The swelling can also be managed by sleeping on an extra pillow at night.

After the procedure, you may experience an itchy or a stinging sensation for about 12 to 72 hours. Six to seven days after the Laser treatment your skin will start to dry and peel off. Depending on the kind of treatment given, healing generally takes around 12 to 24 days. It is recommended that after your skin heals, you should wear an oil free-makeup to help reduce redness, which will typically fade away within eight to 12 weeks. For a while after the surgery, your skin might become lighter than usual. During this time, it essential that you protect your skin from exposure to direct sunlight by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen that screens ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays. When choosing a sunscreen go for one that is designed for use especially on the face and has a SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 or above. Try to avoid direct sunlight especially between 10.am and 2.pm.Furthermore; you should also wear protective clothes such as a wide-brimmed hat, pants and long-sleeved shirts.

It is also crucial that you keep your new skin moisturized. If you use glycolic acid products or retin A, you should resume using them after about 5 to 6 weeks or when the doctor will say you can.

Benefits and Risks of Laser Treatment

Even though Laser skin treatment cannot result in a perfect skin, it can greatly improve the appearance and surface of your skin. The potential risks associated with the procedure include:

  • Injuries or burns from the laser’s heat
  • Scarring
  • Pigmentation changes including sections of lighter or darker skin.
  • Reactivating cold sores
  • Bacterial infection

What is the cost of Laser Treatments?

According to the American Society of Surgeons, laser skin treatment costs around $2600. However, the costs vary greatly depending on where the treatment is being done. Since laser skin treatment is regarded as a cosmetic procedure, great chunks of the medical insurance companies do not cover it. Exceptions may be there if you are doing the procedure to get rid of precancerous growths or to modify scars on your skin. It is important that you consult your doctor or insurance provider before undergoing the procedure about the costs and if the insurance can pay for it. Most surgeons or dermatologists offer financing options.

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