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Referral Program

Spread the Word, Share the Benefits:

Refer CultureID Today!

Make A Referral

Simply fill out our online referral form or share our online interest form with your colleagues, business partners, friends and family; we'll do the rest!

Sit Back And Relax

We will reach out to your lead to arrange an exploratory call. Then we'll submit a tailored proposal based on the requested scope of work.

Earn Rewards

With each successful referral, you'll earn 20% of the contract value, which can be used towards your next CultureID subscription or select E3 Solutions' services.

Our Referral Process Is Easy

Help create the conditions where all employees can thrive.

A single referral can unlock a world of positive change for your colleagues, making a lasting impression on their leadership journey.

"We actually thought we didn’t need a tool like this, but are so glad we seized the opportunity because we uncovered so many new insights we were previously unaware of. We feel like a more cohesive team and appreciate the CultureID team’s professionalism throughout the process!"

"CultureID is very easy to navigate and provides so much value in the results! It’s helpful to be able to view our managers' performance from a different perspective and I love how easy it is to share results with staff."

"CultureID is user friendly - I was able to find a ton of information on my own and didn’t need assistance to execute our survey. The results were an eye-opener and sparked my curiosity on how to build a better work culture. My colleagues and I were very impressed!" 

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