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CultureID Partners with CPAmerica, Inc.

CPAmerica + CultureID

CultureID is excited to announce our latest partnership with CPAmerica, Inc. This collaboration is set to redefine the landscape of organizational culture in the accounting industry, providing CPAmerica's member firms with unparalleled resources and tools to enhance engagement, foster inclusion, and build competitive advantages in their respective markets.

A Partnership of Values and Vision

This partnership goes beyond business collaboration; it is a meeting of minds and missions, with both organizations deeply committed to enhancing the quality of workplace culture across the accounting sector. We’re eager to assist member firms in achieving their ideal company culture through our science-based, dual approach. This includes gathering insights through carefully crafted surveys and providing leaders with educational resources to strategically respond to this feedback.

Don Rheem, CEO of CultureID, captures our enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to be one of CPAmerica’s carefully selected partners. Building on the success of our collaboration during the CPAmerica Conference, our team is ready to have a greater impact on member firms, using our boutique approach to help each firm set and reach their unique organizational goals.”

Grace Horvath, President & CEO of CPAmerica, echoes Don’s perspective. “We are excited to have CultureID join us as our newest Preferred Provider. This partnership reflects our commitment to supporting healthy workplace culture within our more than 90 member firms. Through CultureID’s platform, member firms will have access to tools and resources to improve their culture and increase employee retention.”

Want to Collaborate With Us Too?

Our partnership model is tailored for entities with a one-to-many relationship, offering CultureID's innovative survey platform and resources at no cost to partners. This initiative provides unparalleled value, exclusive discounts, and a revenue-sharing model to the organizations you serve.

If you're positioned to drive significant cultural change across multiple organizations, contact us and our partnership team will follow up right away. Let’s make the workplace better, together!

For CPAmerica Members

Are you a CPAmerica member looking to learn more about CultureID and your exclusive benefits, such as a 10% discount on our services?  Learn more and sign up here.

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