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From E3 Solutions to CultureID: A New Chapter Begins

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In any company’s journey of growth and innovation, there comes a moment when change is not just seen as an option but as a necessity. For us, that moment has come, and we’re ready to embrace a transformation that has been brewing behind the scenes.

In the last 15 years under E3 Solutions, the visionary leadership of Don Rheem and the contributions of many brilliant minds have propelled us past what we once thought possible. While we've stayed true to our original mission: to forge safe and thriving work environments, the scale and scope of our impact have evolved dramatically.

Our ambition to redefine workplace culture demands a name that captures the transformative impact we aspire to have on organizations worldwide.

And so, we are thrilled to announce that E3 Solutions is now CultureID.

This new name represents the core belief behind everything we do: Understanding and nurturing your organizational culture is the cornerstone of creating a thriving, vibrant workplace. It also signals our dedication to providing advanced, insightful tools that empower you to map out and navigate the cultural landscape of your organization, identifying strengths, uncovering areas for improvement, and fostering an environment where every employee can flourish.

Our Commitment to You

The transition from E3 Solutions to CultureID is more than a change of name—it's a renewal of our commitment to you. With our advanced surveys, comprehensive analytics, robust suite of educational resources, and dedicated support, we are more equipped than ever to help you transform your organization into its best version. 

It's a path we've walked ourselves, evolving from E3 Solutions to CultureID. And we can’t wait to walk it with you, next. 

Welcome to CultureID.

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