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Everyone’s buzzing about “quiet quitting” this summer

Everyone’s buzzing about “quiet quitting” this summer. What are employees trying to convey with “quiet quitting” and what can managers do about it? CultureID is here to help!

Take 5 minutes and check out this article about “Quiet Quitting”.

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Quiet quitting is the latest workplace trend, but it doesn't mean what you think [CNN Business] By Megan Marples, CNN Business

Years of long hours, understaffed companies and burned-out employees have all led to the latest TikTok trend: quiet quitting.

What is CultureID?

CultureID is a science-based and interactive survey platform with built-in resources proven to increase engagement and retention levels.


With the concept of “quiet quitting” becoming so widespread, there’s never been a better time to check-in with your employees about their needs and expectations. Through our 28-question survey all rooted in the behavioral sciences, employees have a safe space to share confidential and action-oriented feedback with you.

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