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How we Feel Determines How we Perform.

Updated: Jun 4

How we Feel Determines How We Perform

The Cost of Disengagement - and How to Avoid it.

Have you ever asked yourself, “What does it feel like to work here?”

CultureID is designed to answer this question in a data-driven way because how we feel determines how we perform. When employees feel valued and emotionally safe, their engagement and connection to your company soars. Their capability and daily effort increases, as does their loyalty.

Conversely, when employees feel unsafe, ignored, or under-appreciated, the emotional systems in the brain signal threat and hijack metabolic load (energy) to prepare a response. In these conditions, employees lose mental capacity and disengagement spreads. The resulting poor performance - from those who haven’t left yet - leads to more product returns, do-overs, lost customers and reduced profit.

Disengagement has a price tag

Gallup estimates that the actively disengaged workforce costs the U.S. approximately half a trillion dollars annually. What is it costing your organization?

CultureID has a feature called the Productivity Multiplier. ​​This formula quantifies the cost of engagement in your team. The chart below breaks down the net gains or losses between hours of paid work versus actual productivity, depending on how engaged an employee is.

How to move the needle on engagement

Our clients are often shocked at the actual cost of disengagement in their organization. But there is encouraging news - managers have a significant influence over the engagement levels of their employees (70% according to Gallup). That means with the right knowledge and tools, they can move disengaged employees into higher levels of engagement. CultureID shows you how to do this - we see a 10% increase in engagement levels within the first few years of working with us.

The first step?

Find out what is causing their disengagement. Is it a breakdown in accountability? Poor cooperation from other teams? A lack of training? Our confidential 28-question survey in CultureID allows you to see exactly what your organization is doing well and where it can improve to create a healthier culture. And we don’t stop there. Once you have these insights, our platform also connects you to resources that transform your results into positive action. Managers will learn how to increase engagement levels and employees will feel empowered to be the best version of themselves. Our survey process makes every team member an invested stakeholder in the organization, increasing retention rates and strengthening your bottom line.

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